Tag Thursday: The Bookaholics Anonymous Tag

My name is Aoife, and I am a bookaholic. I genuinely have a problem, resulting in a book buying ban and a need for a brand new bookshelf. You can find me at my local bookaholics anonymous meeting. Or in a bookshop.

This tag, which will hopefully cure me even just a little, was taken from Donna over at Chocolate n Waffles.

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Review: Seriously . . . I’m Kidding by Ellen de Generes

Challenge criteria: A best seller from the year you graduated high school


“Sometimes the greatest things are the most embarrassing.” Ellen Degeneres’ winning, upbeat candor has made her show one of the most popular, resilient and honored daytime shows on the air. (To date, it has won no fewer than 31 Emmys.) Seriously… I’m Kidding, Degeneres’ first book in eight years, brings us up to date about the life of a kindhearted woman who bowed out of American Idol because she didn’t want to be mean. Lively; hilarious; often sweetly poignant.

What I liked:

I experienced this as the audiobook, and I really enjoyed having Ellen read this to me as I went about my day. It was like having Dory read the story to you. I don’t want to typecast, but it was.

The early stages of this chapter are incredibly funny, and they really will brighten up your day as you read or listen to them.

What I didn’t like:

This book was kind of a mish mash of things. I don’t feel it flowed very well together. It’s quite the random collection of thoughts, and at times it was a little more than clear that this wasn’t a book Ellen loved to write.

I don’t want to plagiarise someone else’s review, but I saw a review on Goodreads say that this book was a lot like reading Tumblr. I have to say, I agree.

Out of five?

A fairly sub par (for what I thought I would give) three. I really wanted to like this, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Books I hated yet still finished

I am a bloody divil for starting a book, hating it, but refusing to give in and just stop reading. It might have to do with my internalised need to please everyone. Or, maybe it’s just the curiosity of how this book is going to end and whether it will pick up for me. I’ve not done it as much recently, but I used to be super bad for it.

There are many books I’ve rage quit over the years, and while they aren’t for me I do want to remind you of my reading motto. Everyone reads the same book differently, so if your favourite book appears here don’t get mad ok? It’s just as likely that I loved a book you hated, too.

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Review: The Cows by Dawn O’Porter

Challenge criteria: A book with an anti-hero/villain


COW n. /ka?/

A piece of meat; born to breed; past its sell-by-date; one of the herd.

Women don’t have to fall into a stereotype.

The Cows is a powerful novel about three women. In all the noise of modern life, each needs to find their own voice.

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Author Spotlight: Holly Bourne

One of my favourite authors of recent times has got to be Holly Bourne. She’s not afraid to hit into big and possibly polarising topics in her books, and she deals with each subject impeccably. She’s also partial to Pizza Express, which just confirms that she and I would get on swimmingly (as long as we don’t fall out over the dough balls.)

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