Six for Sunday: Questions I Want to ask Authors

This post is part of Six for Sunday, run by Steph from Eenalol.

I’ve got a lot of respect for authors. They create worlds we lose ourselves in, and can dream up characters that some of us take into our hearts faster and fonder than we do our own friends and family. I’ve even tried my hand at writing a book myself. It’s with this that I come to the feet of the authors of the world with just a few questions.

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Six For Sunday: My Favourite Blogging Snacks

This post is part of the Six for Sunday series run by Steph from A Little But A Lot.

I am a havoc when it comes to treats. I crave sugar like crazy, which is something I really need to address now I’m an Adult. I like to refer to my diet as “a six year old on cocaine at a birthday party.” But, there’s nothing like a little treat when you’re reading to sweeten the book you’ve got in your hands, right?

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Six For Sunday: Characters I Wouldn’t Want to Be Stuck in a Lift With

This post is part of Six for Sunday as run by Steph fromĀ eenalol

You know those completely insufferable people? I do because I tend to be one of them at times. But there is a certain type of person who, if you were ever stuck in a lift with them, there’s a pretty high chance you could kill them. For me, it’s the kind of people who you genuinely cannot stand to be around.

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