Books I’d Take on an Autumn Walk

This post is part of Six for Sunday, run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

I think autumn is the best season to go out for a stroll. The weather is perfect – it’s not so hot you’re sweating your way through the walk, but it’s not so cold you can’t feel your toes when you come home. It’s also a great thing to do before sitting in a warm café with a delicious hot drink in front of you.

After your walk, you’ve for sure earned some time to curl up with your book. If there’s a fire you can sit beside, even better. These books are perfect for keeping that autumn stroll feel going.

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Books with Leaves on the Cover

This post is part of Six for Sunday, run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

Not much says autumn quite like the leaves turning colour. I might be in my 20s but seeing the golden leaves in a pile on the ground gives me such a thrill – I love the sound and feel of them crunching underfoot as I go about my day. October is the perfect time to get some autumnal reading in, as the days get shorter and the temperatures start to plummet. If you can find a book with lots of leaves or trees on it, even better.


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Schools I’d Love to Attend

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

September always means one thing in my house – back to school. When both of your parents teach for their money, it’s quite hard to think of anything else in that time. Almost the whole month of August was filled with stationery (which is probably where my lifelong love of stationery stems from) and school book lists.

I had a think about some fictional schools I wish I was attending. If I had been to one of these schools, I think I would have liked going back to school a whole lot more than I actually did.


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Characters I Want to go on Holiday With

This post is part of Six for Sunday, run by Steph from A Little but a Lot.

Is there anything better than a holiday? It’s so great to forget about the troubles of work and daily life, and just kick back with a good book and some great cocktails. I’ve been away by myself, but going somewhere with a group of friends is infinitely more fun.

If there was any fictional character I could bring with me on my trips, it would have to be one of these lovely people below. Once we stopped fighting about where to go, we’d have a fantastic time together.


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