The Common White Girl Checklist

This is a post I first published five whole years ago. My blog and I have both grown up a lot since then, so naturally, some of the answers were bound to change. In a small break from book content, I’m going to go way back, and re-evaluate my answers.

I find myself relating more and more to the Common White Girl Twitter account much more than I think should be healthy. So when they posted a personality quiz to see if you fit the bill and were REALLY one common white girl incarnate, I couldn’t resist taking it.

(Of course, in the five years since this was first posted, the term has now evolved into ‘basic bitch’. Language is a wonderful thing.)

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Review: The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by Jenny Colgan

Challenge criteria: A book that involves a bookshop/library


Given a back-room computer job when the beloved Birmingham library she works in turns into a downsized retail complex, Nina misses her old role terribly – dealing with people, greeting her regulars, making sure everyone gets the right books for their needs. Then a new business nobody else wants catches her eye: owning a tiny little bookshop bus up in the Scottish highlands.

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Dream Book Panels

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

I admit, I haven’t been to a book event in a very long time. The last I was at was one was DeptCon way back in 2016. I don’t have a whole lot of experience in book panels, but there are some people I would really love to see speak, and some panels I would pay good money to attend. As there are some books with similar themes, some authors may appear on more than one panel. I hope they’ve kept some time free.

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How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

We’ve all been there. You’re on such a great roll with the books you’ve been reading, and suddenly BANG – you hit that wall. THAT wall, the one stopping you from picking up any book and getting into it. It seems never ending – you’re never going to be able to pick up a book and enjoy it again. Fear not, a reading slump doesn’t have to mean the funeral bells for your reading enjoyment. Here are a few helpful things to get you back into the groove.

get out of a reading slump.png

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