Tag Thursday: The Estellosaurus Book Tag

I love when I get tagged in one of these, and I especially love when it introduces me to a new blogger to follow. Emma from Bookworm Girl tagged me in this lovely tag, which was created by Estelle from Estellosaurus.

It’s the perfect way to take a little closer look at my bookshelves and my reading habits. Ideal to do now, since the world has been pretty much behind closed doors for the last few months.


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Tag Thursday: The Gilmore Girls Book Tag

The world seems to be having a bit of a moment right now, and I’ve been coming back to some of my comforts regularly to calm me. One of my greatest comforts is Gilmore Girls, and I’m midway through a re-watch of the main series. (I probably won’t watch the revival though, we don’t talk about the revival in this house.)

I wanted to tie in my (and Rory’s) love of books with the show, so this tag I found on Read by Zoe is the perfect way to do so.


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Tag Thursday: My Life in Books Tag

I spotted this lovely book tag over on Kristin Kraves Books, whose blog I utterly adore. I’ve decided to try and make it a bit harder on myself and only use books I’ve got on my book shelf. If there’s a way I can use on the shelf I haven’t even read yet, even better.

So, here we go – the My Life in Books Tag, but on Hard Mode.


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