Tag Thursday: The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

Whenever I see a new tag, I almost instantly join in. Róisín from Róisín’s Reading created a tag to go along with the Mid Year Freak Out Tag and the End of Year Book Tag.

It’s a good way to look back over the year that’s gone so far and check in with how your reading is going.

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2017 Reading Habits

Every year, I love seeing the little update that Goodreads sends you. It’s my favourite email from the early year, where I get to actually see what my reading year looked like, rather than guessing what it looked like. Goodreads really run through everything, but I do like to add on a little addendum myself.

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2017 Reading Challenge: The Final Tally

Does anyone else think 2017 sped past us or is it really just me? It just feels like yesterday I was sat on my parent’s couch carrying out my NYE tradition of watching the Sydney fireworks on Sky News, and yet here I am today doing the exact same thing.

New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection, and for me it’s a perfect chance to have a think about the reading challenges I set myself this year. Did I reach what I wanted to when I laid them out in January 2017? Was I even close? Should I bother with a 2018 challenge at all? (That’s a bit defeatest, isn’t it?)

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Reading Challenge: Third Quarter

Don’t you always feel like the year goes way too quickly these days? It’s like you blink in January and suddenly it’s October, the schools are back, and shops are going to start playing Christmas music any day soon. Don’t fret, we’ve got a season of Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas to get us through to Hallowe’en first.

Now is the ideal time to check in on my reading challenge from this year. As I showed last time, I pretty much knocked my Goodreads challenge out of the park, so it wasn’t really a big concern for me as the year drew to a close. But there are still two other big challenges to keep an eye on.

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