Tag Thursday: The Would You Rather Tag

This time for Tag Thursday I’ve actually been tagged, rather than seeking out one on the internet. I was tagged by my lovely friend Steph from A Little But a Lot, and this tag looks like a really good one.

The way this tag works is that I answer the eight questions Steph has posed, then I’ll ask eight of my own. I love that you guys get to find out so much about me, and I then get to find out a little more about some of my favourite book bloggers, too.

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Tag Thursday: Reading Your Country Tag

St Patrick’s Day has just been and gone, and it’s made me feel very patriotic. It’s the perfect time to take the Reading My Country Tag and chat a little about the Emerald Isle. This tag originally was created by Booktuber¬†Cook Read Create, but I’ve decided to take it as a written exam and spare you the horror of my voice.

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Tag Thursday: The Guilty Reader Tag

Who among us is a complete angel when it comes to books? I know I’m certainly not. The Guilty Reader Tag, which originally came from BookTuber Chami, is the perfect way to absolve some of those reading sins we’re all a little guilty of. Nothing better than going on with a clear conscience, huh?

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2018 End of Year Reading Survey

I’ve seen this post doing the rounds a LOT and you know me, I bow easily to peer pressure. So, we’re going in. I’m doing this post in place of January’s Tag Thursday, which takes place every third Thursday of the month. January is all about looking forward to the year to come. I, however, am taking the month to reminisce on 2018 and some of the fantastic books I read then. This is one of the most thorough look backs at the year in reading I think I could ever do.

I used my Goodreads profile¬†and my reading journal to help decide what books fit for each question. For some of them, I’ll be checking against the stats here on my blog.

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Tag Thursday: The End of Year Book Tag 2018 Edition

Somehow, this tag escaped me in 2017. I love looking back over my reading year, so I’m a little bummed I missed it last year. Though, this year I’ve definitely got it ready to go to feature just before we say goodbye to 2018. I think those last few days of the year are the perfect time to look back over the year you’ve just had.

You can find this tag pretty easily around the Booksphere, so be sure you take part and add your thoughts too.

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