Tag Thursday: The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

Whenever I see a new tag, I almost instantly join in. Róisín from Róisín’s Reading created a tag to go along with the Mid Year Freak Out Tag and the End of Year Book Tag.

It’s a good way to look back over the year that’s gone so far and check in with how your reading is going.

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Tag Thursday: The Contemporary Romance Reader Tag

This month for Tag Thursday, I’ve gone a bit left of field and created my very own tag. I saw a Historical Romance Reader Tag, created by Jess at Peace Love Books. When I did a little digging, there didn’t seem to be any for contemporary readers.

So, I made one. Should you take this tag, please do let me know. I would love to see your answers.

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Tag Thursday: New Year’s Resolutions Book Tag

The beauty of these tags is that sometimes, someone will suggest you to do them. For the last few tags I’ve filled in, I’ve found them online myself. This one is different – someone actually thought of me to do it. ZeeZee tagged me in the New Year’s Book Resolutions post on her blog, and I love this as it’s a great way to think deeper about what’s on your bookshelf. It’s a little break from the book reviews too.

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