Tag Thursday: I Dare You Tag

Thanks so much to Bookmurmation for this tag. I’ve seen it floating around a few times, but I’ve never actually taken it myself. Now seems like the perfect time,

The rules are:

  • You must be honest
  • You can’t not answer a question
  • You have to tag at least four people
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Tag Thursday: The Book Bloggers Insider Tag

Big ups once again to Kelly for tagging me. If you’re not already familiar with her blog, A) what have you been doing with yourself, and B) get that sorted out pronto.

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The Ultimate Book Tag

I’ve looked over my blog, and come to a conclusion. It won’t shock you very much.

Girl, you do a lot of tags.

So, this will be my last tag for quite a while on the blog. While I love doing them, and some of them have been really well received with some people even taking their own spin on it, it’s taken away from what I really came here to do – boom shake shake shake the room share my thoughts on some of the fantastic books I’ve recently read.

I promise to go back to the reviews, meaning the tags will be taking a little break. If I’m going out, I’m going out in style. 

I saw this post on Aussie blogger Eugenia’s blog and I had to take it for myself.

Strap in, here comes my swan song. And, as the title suggests, it’s a big one.

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Awards Season: and the Liebster goes to

Awards season is here, and I am lucky enough to be able to get involved too. Thanks so much to Sapphire AND to Katie for nominating me for a Liebster Award. Can’t say I expected it (at all), but I am carrying the trophy proudly since my win.

Image via Imgur


So what happens here is I gotta thank the person who nominated me (done), provide 11 facts about myself, answer 11 questions, and nominate between five and 11 bloggers to carry on the trend.

That’s a lot of elevenses.


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