Ten to Talk Through with Lucy Nichol

If you’re a 90s grunge music fan, I can guarantee you’ll love The Twenty Seven Club by Lucy Nichol. It’s a fantastically nostalgic tale of 90s music, friendship, and discovering who you are.

I sat down with Lucy to chat about the inspiration for her debut novel, and the slight inspiration from her personal life that ended up in the book.

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Ten to Talk Through with Mary Jayne Baker

September means back to school, and thoughts of back to school can bring up the thoughts of Shakespeare.

One thing that can make Shakespeare a little more accessible is a retelling or a reimagining. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Love at First Fight, Mary Jayne Baker’s latest book.

This fantastic romance story, which came out last month, was inspired by Much Ado About Nothing. If this is one of your favourite Shakespearean works, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this story.

I had a chat with Mary Jayne to talk how she gets inspired, and just how she differs to the characters she created.

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Ten to Talk Through with Catherine Walsh

I love discovering a debut author whose book I just can’t put down. I love it even more when I discover said author is Irish.

Catherine Walsh’s book One Night Only came onto my radar as it features one of my favourite social gatherings – Irish weddings. So, seeing it feature as a huge part of the book was such a pull factor.

To find out how I liked the book, you’ll have to check out my review, but right now you can check out my little chat with Catherine.

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Ten to Talk Through with Lia Louis

Have you found an auto-buy author this year? I found one late last year in the wonderful Lia Louis. I read Dear Emmie Blue towards the end of summer last year and I was hooked on Lia’s writing. If you’re in the market for beautifully written and emotional stories, Lia needs to be your first port of call.

So, when I heard about her new release Eight Perfect Hours I knew I needed to read it. Before its release – which is today, by the way, I sat down with Lia and had a chat about where she sets her books, and how her writing snacks can vary from the super healthy to the . . . not quite so.

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Tag Thursday: I Dare You Tag

Thanks so much to Bookmurmation for this tag. I’ve seen it floating around a few times, but I’ve never actually taken it myself. Now seems like the perfect time.

When I was in school, I of course played Truth or Dare so many times. I always went for truth, so having to do a couple of dares now feels a little out of my comfort zone for sure.

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