Tag Thursday: The Sims Book Tag

Today’s Tag Thursday is a new thing – I’ve actually been tagged to do it. I have a little gang of internet friends, and Kelly is one of them. She offered up the chance to take the Sims tag recently, and as it deals with two of my favourite things I couldn’t say no.

I’m on a bit of a Sims 2 binge at the moment. My brother downloaded a full expansion pack to my laptop and I’ve been a benevolent god to the Sims in the game since. You can tell I was popular in school, can’t you.

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Tag Thursday: The Goodreads Tag

I first took this tag back in 2014, right before I took a year long hiatus from blogging. I still don’t think I’m ready to say why just yet. Now that Pretty Purple Polka Dots runs as a bona fide book blog, I thought it was the perfect chance to revisit.

I’m a faithful member of Goodreads. So, when I saw Sharon from Behind Green Eyes fill out a Goodreads tag post, I had to steal it fill it out too.

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