The Cosy Christmas Tag

This year, Christmas doesn’t feel quite as cosy. It’s not the same for whatever reason, be it the risk of Covid or people just not feeling the vibe this time.

Hopefully, this lovely tag I spotted on Jay’s Book Tube channel (which I really love) will bring a little bit of light and happiness to the season.

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Tag Thursday: The Holiday Drinks Book Tag

Once the temperatures start to drop, my need for comfort and cosiness sky rockets. You can find me at the fireside with a book and a steaming mug by my side.

So, this tag I spotted on We Write at Dawn is the perfect cosy tag for me right now. Grab a mug of your favourite drink and let’s talk some cute and cosy books.

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Tag Thursday: The Irish Bookworm Tag

March is the one month of the year where we celebrate everything Ireland. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to create a book celebrating everything Ireland.

This tag celebrates everything bookish we love about Ireland. It’s all about where we’re from and what we love. This tag is perfect not just for people born in Ireland, but also with Irish ancestry.

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Tag Thursday: The New Year’s Book Tag

I feel like this year, above all other years, is the one we’re glad to see the turn of. I’m already glad to see 2021 here, and I’m already having a slightly better time than the whole of 2020.

So, let’s start the year on a high. If nothing else, at least we did that. I saw this tag on The Bookworm of Notre Dame and thought it a great way to mark the new year.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside Book Tag

Something about being actually tagged in one of these makes them even more exciting to fill out. It feels like someone actually wants to hear my thoughts on the questions. That’s why I got so excited when Bookish Luna tagged me in this fun and festive book tag.

The title of the song and its contents might raise some eyebrows, but luckily this tag has much more agreeable questions.

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