Tag Thursday: The Good Enough to Eat Tag

August for me means the temperatures drop, the evenings get darker, and the food gets much more comforting.

Goodbye iced lattes, hello pumpkin spice. No more picnics in the park, but bring on the dinners together around the table with a fire (on Netflix.)

I adore comfort food, so this tag created by Book Break seems the perfect celebration of that.

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Tag Thursday: The Book Buying Habits Tag

Buying books is almost as much of a hobby as reading them is. Going out on a book buying spree is, admittedly, one of my favourite things to do on a Saturday afternoon.

I spotted this tag on Helene Jeppesen’s Book Tube channel. It seems like a good way to expose my bad habits and discuss my better ones.

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Tag Thursday: The Holiday Drinks Book Tag

Once the temperatures start to drop, my need for comfort and cosiness sky rockets. You can find me at the fireside with a book and a steaming mug by my side.

So, this tag I spotted on We Write at Dawn is the perfect cosy tag for me right now. Grab a mug of your favourite drink and let’s talk some cute and cosy books.

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Tag Thursday: The Irish Bookworm Tag

March is the one month of the year where we celebrate everything Ireland. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to create a book celebrating everything Ireland.

This tag celebrates everything bookish we love about Ireland. It’s all about where we’re from and what we love. This tag is perfect not just for people born in Ireland, but also with Irish ancestry.

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