May 2020 Wrap Up

Another month of lockdown is behind me, but this time the bookshops where I live were opened.

That was like a red rag to a bull, and I was lining up already the first day they opened again, ready to destroy my bank balance.

There were also two long weekends in May, and I took an extra day off work too to give me an extra long weekend. Plenty of time to get some reading done, right?


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April 2020 Wrap Up

Just like last year, April was the month of the OWLs readathon. Unlike last year, I actually took part in April this year. So, that means there was a definite structure to my reading this month.

I had a whole 10 days off work around Easter, too, so there was a plethora of time for me to get through some reading. Does that mean I actually read anything, or did I just play around on Netflix all day?


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March 2020 Wrap Up

With it being Lent, and with such a huge backlog already to clear, I went on a book buying ban in March. Take two guesses how that went.

This month, I took part in the Backlist Readathon, run by six amazing Book Tubers. It did add to my reading quite a bit, and it meant I finally cleared out some books on my mile long TBR.

Of course, being pretty much locked into the house on a daily basis helped me get ahead of my reading, too. The 99p Kindle deals didn’t help much with the “no buying books”, though.


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January 2020 Wrap Up

January always feels like the longest month ever, so I am delighted to tell you we made it to the end.

This is my first monthly wrap up post of the new year, and of the new decade. So, no pressure to make it a good one. I usually emerge from my Christmas-time reading slump around the second week of January, so has that perked up my reading a bit?

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