Simsathon 2019 Wrap Up

The Sims is one of my favourite games, and I’ve played several versions of it. I was obsessed with the Urbz, and I think the GameBoy Advance version was the first game I ever owned. I’ve since graduated to the Sims on PC, and I can lose whole afternoons to that game. Of course, when Origin released the basic pack of The Sims 4 I was all over it.

In June 2019, Kara from BiancaReads hosted the Simsathon, a month long readathon where readers fit their reading into a bunch of challenges somewhat mimicing gameplay in the Sims. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was a readathon I had to take part in. But, when I don’t usually put a TBR together, how would I fare with the prompts?

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June 2019 Wrap Up

June is one of my favourite months because it’s my birthday month. With that always comes a shower of new books, either as gifts or some I’ve bought myself in the guise of “it’s a birthday present.” But, June actually started a book buying ban for me, as there’s so much for me to get through. Famous last words, or did I actually stick to it?

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May 2019 Wrap Up

After an intense April reading mainly ARCs, I was a little more lax in May. I went back to my usual “mood reader” ways, didn’t set myself a TBR at all, and just read whatever struck me.

That style of reading is usually pretty successful for me, as April showed. I hit a mini slump around Easter, which I think happened because my reading was so regimented. Now that I was back in my own swing, did I have a good month?

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April 2019 Wrap Up

Hey look, I managed to keep up a series on this blog for once. (Ok, this is only the second instalment, but still.)

For my April reading, I concentrated mainly on ARCs. I had quite a few of them to clear from my Netgalley shelf, and I had some physical copies too I wanted to finally get moved onto my “already read” shelf. I wanted to read at least ten ARCs, but I would have been happy enough if I’d ticked off eight.

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