2021 Reading Habits Survey

Another reading year has passed by, and it’s time to almost officially close it off. I still have some things I’d like to look back on, but one of the best ways – and one of my favourite ways – to look back over what I read the previous year is this survey.

I find it super in depth and informative, and it makes me think about a lot of topics and insights I probably wouldn’t think about otherwise.

To compile my answers, I took a look at my reading journal, and my profiles on Goodreads and the Storygraph. I found this survey super helpful and insightful, and I hope it’ll be so for you too.

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October 2021 Reading Wrap Up

I hit the biggest slump in September. I moved across the country, and the stress and admin of that made reading almost non existent for me.

Thankfully, in October I had settled into my new home and my new job. Had I also settled back into my groove when it came to reading? Now I had access to all my books again, did I actually get to read any of them?

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