2019 Reading Challenge: The First Quarter

Every three months, I like to check in on the progress of my reading challenge throughout the year. I sliced a little off my reading challenge this year, both in terms of the prompts I’ll be filling in and how many Goodreads books I want to tick off. So, now the first three months of 2019 are behind us, how did my reading fare? Does it look like I’m on course to boss this challenge again? Continue reading

2019 Reading Challenge

Here we are at the start of another new year. So, the first thing to say is Happy New Year! The next thing to think about is, how my reading year went in 2018 and how it’s going to look in 2019. This time, I actually spent time to think about where I wanted my reading to go in 2019. Do I want to speed through 120 books I can barely remember the plot of in December? Am I taking part in every reading challenge under the sun? Time to find out. . .

I say this every year, but it doesn’t feel like a whole year has past since I put together my reading challenge for 2018. I spent the year in a flurry of books, travelling, reading, and buying books I could barely afford or house. In terms of my reading challenges, 2018 was pretty successful. I bossed a couple of the challenges, while others needed a lot more work. That was something I took into account when I thought about my 2019 reading challenge.

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2018 Reading Challenge: The Results

Can you believe another year has ended? I know I say that every time I close off my yearly reading challenge, but this time I really do feel the year just sped by. Of course, there never seems to be enough time when it comes to reading, though. Since the year is over (tomorrow) I’ve taken a look back at my year long reading challenge, and whether I put in a good performance.

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2018 Reading Challenge: A Second Update

I’m not even going to say if this was quarterly or not, because to be honest I don’t know. I personally don’t feel like I did as much reading in the time between April and now, but if I’m about to be shocked I’m prepared for it.

Let’s recap where we stood in April. I’d read 31 books up to the end of April. The PopSugar and Modern Mrs Darcy challenges were coasting along well. There was, naturally, room for improvement. Time to check in.

Don’t forget to check on how I did in the first four months of the year.

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2018 Reading Challenge: The First Third

Whoever said you feel the years pass by quicker when you’re older was absolutely bang on. It’s already April (nearly May, more like) of 2018 and I really do feel like we rang in the New Year about a week ago. Time flies when you’re having fun reading, huh?

I really went to town on my reading in early 2017, and I did try to keep up with my work from then. Though, with 28 books read from January to March, that was probably going to be a feat of unreachable proportions. Right?

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