Tag Thursday: The Cake Book Tag

June is my birthday month, so I always try to keep my tags birthday themed. What could be more birthday themed than birthday cake?

I’ve seen this tag in the Bookternet so often it’s surprising I haven’t taken it yet. I most recently found it on Paper Fury, one of the queens of the book community.

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Tag Thursday: The Irish Bookworm Tag

March is the one month of the year where we celebrate everything Ireland. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to create a book celebrating everything Ireland.

This tag celebrates everything bookish we love about Ireland. It’s all about where we’re from and what we love. This tag is perfect not just for people born in Ireland, but also with Irish ancestry.

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Tag Thursday: The Romance Reader Tag

In 2020 I discovered a book genre that became a firm favourite – romance. I had read it before, of course, but last year I read so many more books from the genre than ever before.

Most of the books I loved last year were romances, so I guess I’m a romance reader now. I have started to drift away from YA a little – I still enjoy it, but I did find I wasn’t reaching for it as much.

So, now I have a brand new genre to explore, it’s time to find out some more about my reading tastes when it comes to love. Perhaps some of these will influence my tastes? I spotted this tag on Girl Plus Books, hopefully it’ll help me discover more about my love of love.

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Tag Thursday: The New Year’s Book Tag

I feel like this year, above all other years, is the one we’re glad to see the turn of. I’m already glad to see 2021 here, and I’m already having a slightly better time than the whole of 2020.

So, let’s start the year on a high. If nothing else, at least we did that. I saw this tag on The Bookworm of Notre Dame and thought it a great way to mark the new year.

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