Tag Thursday: The New Year’s Book Tag

I feel like this year, above all other years, is the one we’re glad to see the turn of. I’m already glad to see 2021 here, and I’m already having a slightly better time than the whole of 2020.

So, let’s start the year on a high. If nothing else, at least we did that. I saw this tag on The Bookworm of Notre Dame and thought it a great way to mark the new year.

How many books are you planning to read in 2021?

I’m upping my reading goals for 2021, having kept it the same for 2019 and 2020. This year I’m hoping to finish 90 books.

Name five books you didn’t get to this year but want to make a priority in 2021.

I could be here all day listing, but the ones that immediately came to mind were:The

  • The Mothers by Brit Bennett
  • On The Come Up by Angie Thomas
  • The Guest List by Lucy Foley
  • Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell
  • Majesty by Katharine McGee

What genre do you want to read more of?

2020 taught me how much I enjoy a good steamy romance, so I am definitely on the lookout for more of those this year. I’ve already read and loved so many cute and cosy romances, but this will just be another way to enjoy the genre.

Name three non book related goals for 2020.

Most of my resolutions for the year are bookish, but there are still some things I would like to get done by the time New Year’s Eve rocks up again:

  • Start teaching English as a foreign language, or at least get some experience volunteering.
  • Cook something new from my vast collection of cookbooks at least once a month
  • Actually leave Germany for once and travel to two new places (if the fates allow.)

What’s a book you’ve had forever you still need to read?

There are books that have been on my shelf for a while so I’m hopefully going to get some of those ticked off in 2021. I’ve had On The Come Up on my shelf since at least March 2019 so I think it’s going to have to be read this year.

One word you’re hoping 2021 will be.


3 thoughts on “Tag Thursday: The New Year’s Book Tag

  1. Oh, I used to be a volunteer ESL/EFL teacher. It was a terrific experience. I got to know so many different people and learn about their cultures (and food!). I also learned how difficult it can be to come to a new country (the southeast US, in my case) and have to learn a new language as an adult; unfortunately, not everyone in my country is accepting of immigrants. It made me sad to hear some of their stories. But I hope that I and the other teachers were able to make a difference. Given the nature of our program and where I live, I had people from all over the world in my adult classes. I hope you get to do this.

    PS: I like this book tag! I may have to use it. 🙂

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