The January Book Tag

BookTube was one of my biggest vices in 2019, and one of my favourite channels was Book Break. Book Break is the You Tube channel from UK publishing house PanMcMillan, fronted by Emma.

This year, they created their own book tag. It’s perfect for fighting off the January blues – a lot easier to do now we’re on the home stretch out of the month.


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Tag Thursday: Favourite Blogging Moments in 2019 Tag

I’m still taking some time to look back on how my reading year was in 2019. January is the perfect month to do so – after all, the god the month is named after could look backward and forward.

I spotted this lovely tag on Jess’ book blog, but it was created by Laura from The Book Corps. I just had to take part in it, too. What a great, and comprehensive, way to look back over how the year went for you and your bookshelves.


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Tag Thursday: The Festive Christmas Book Tag

Now December is here, the festive season has really kicked off. It’s not long until I go home for Christmas to relax and spend some time with my family, and I’ve been getting myself into the festive spirit already. I’ve got some lovely Christmassy books to read, and this lovely tag originated by Girl Reading will perhaps add to your TBR, too.


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Tag Thursday: The Addams Family Book Tag

October is all about one thing – Hallowe’en. I’m not super big into Hallowe’en, and I can be a bit of a wuss when it comes to scary movies or books. One movie I do love, though, is The Addams Family. I love the dynamic between Morticia and Gomez, and I aspire to be as deadpan as Wednesday Addams. When I saw this awesome Addams Family Book Tag on Books and Hot Tea, I knew it would be perfect for some October blogging.


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Tag Thursday: The Autumn Book Tag

Today’s seasonally appropriate has been borrowed from the fantastic Emma of Drinkning by my Shelf, who I am very very sure would be my real life best friend if we were to meet.

Here’s a piece of fun trivia: In Ireland, it’s already the middle of autumn. We follow the Celtic Calendar, which means our seasons change about a month or so before they do in the UK. So, while in the UK autumn comes in September, in Ireland we have autumn already in August.

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