Tag Thursday: The School Day Book Tag

September in my house always went back to school. There’s simply no escaping it when both your parents are teachers.

So, September seems like the perfect month to take this school-themed tag created by the wonderful Victoria from What Victoria Read. It’s separated into questions about the time of day during school, and also some about the subjects you studied.

For this tag, I’ll only be answering questions about the subjects I sat for my Leaving Certificate, the end of school exams in Ireland.

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Tag Thursday: I Dare You Tag

Thanks so much to Bookmurmation for this tag. I’ve seen it floating around a few times, but I’ve never actually taken it myself. Now seems like the perfect time.

When I was in school, I of course played Truth or Dare so many times. I always went for truth, so having to do a couple of dares now feels a little out of my comfort zone for sure.

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Tag Thursday: The Romance Reader Tag

In 2020 I discovered a book genre that became a firm favourite – romance. I had read it before, of course, but last year I read so many more books from the genre than ever before.

Most of the books I loved last year were romances, so I guess I’m a romance reader now. I have started to drift away from YA a little – I still enjoy it, but I did find I wasn’t reaching for it as much.

So, now I have a brand new genre to explore, it’s time to find out some more about my reading tastes when it comes to love. Perhaps some of these will influence my tastes? I spotted this tag on Girl Plus Books, hopefully it’ll help me discover more about my love of love.

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Tag Thursday: The New Year’s Book Tag

I feel like this year, above all other years, is the one we’re glad to see the turn of. I’m already glad to see 2021 here, and I’m already having a slightly better time than the whole of 2020.

So, let’s start the year on a high. If nothing else, at least we did that. I saw this tag on The Bookworm of Notre Dame and thought it a great way to mark the new year.

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