Super Scary Book Characters

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

While I’m not a big scary books and horror fan, I am aware of quite a few scary book characters. There are some from books I have read, and some from books I absolutely never want to read.

Annie Wilkes – Misery by Stephen King

There are fans, and then there’s Annie Wilkes. I don’t want to read about a woman who is so obsessed with her favourite author she smahes his ankles to smithereens.

The Grand High Witch – The Witches by Roald Dahl

As a child I was utterly terrified by the thoughts of someone coming to take me from my home and turn me into a mouse, or trap me in a painting forever.

Mother – A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews

It’s always nice to have parents who support your hobbies and want you to succeed in life, but honestly this is too much.

Desi Collins – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Your ex might be a bit obsessed with you, but I doubt they’ve ever gone this far. Anyone who threatens suicide to keep you in a relationship with them is someone to watch out for.

President Snow – The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Whether he was a product of his upbringing or an actual maniac, there’s not much excusing a man who condemns so many children to their death.

Miss Trunchbull – Matilda by Roald Dahl

I think we’ve all had that teacher who made school and learning hell on earth. Agatha Trunchbull is a whole different ballgame though. There is so little to look forward to from a day in Crunchem Hall.

What book characters terrify you? Share them in the comments.

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