#fakereadergirls: who you be is?

Some girls grew up living for Saturday so they could head for town and spend hours at the MAC counter fawning over their latest eyeshadow. Me, I lived for Saturday mornings in Easons, perched in front of the YA book shelves, breathing it in.

Neither of us were doing it wrong. We were simply indulging in our passions.

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Speed reading test: The ACTUAL results

Ask anyone who grew up in the late 90s or early 00s and they can instantly tell you what Hogwarts house they’d be in. They’re not entirely sure, but they have a fair idea of what their version of Amortensia would smell like. They know exactly what form a Boggart would take in front of them.

As you may have guessed, and guessed correctly, I am a Harry Potter fan. I mean, I’ve certainly never said it here before. I class myself as a Pure Blood; I’ve seen all the films multiple times, I’ve read the books until the covers were frayed, and I’ve even decorated my house a little like the Ravenclaw common room would look.

Does speed reading work_.png

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