Ten to Talk Through with Mary Jayne Baker

September means back to school, and thoughts of back to school can bring up the thoughts of Shakespeare.

One thing that can make Shakespeare a little more accessible is a retelling or a reimagining. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Love at First Fight, Mary Jayne Baker’s latest book.

This fantastic romance story, which came out last month, was inspired by Much Ado About Nothing. If this is one of your favourite Shakespearean works, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this story.

I had a chat with Mary Jayne to talk how she gets inspired, and just how she differs to the characters she created.

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Ten to Talk Through with Portia MacIntosh

They say never meet your heroes, but oh talking to Portia MacIntosh absolutely rubbished that claim.

Portia’s latest book, Will They Won’t They, comes out on September 7th, so before its release I sat down with her for a cuppa and a chat. Come find out about how Portia escapes that dastardly writer’s block.

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Ten to Talk Through: Lucy Vine

One of my favourite new discoveries of the last few years is Lucy Vine. Her books are hilarious, realistic, and the perfect escapism fiction.

So, when Lucy’s new book Bad Choices was announced, I knew sitting for a coffee together and having a chat about books would never be a bad choice.

Come take a look at Lucy’s procrastination merch, and the interesting place she’s found inspiration for her latest book.

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Ten to Talk Through with Laura Kay

Today’s Ten to Talk Through features an author whose book has something within it I truly love: a cat. Laura Kay’s debut novel The Split takes you through the messy aftermath of a relationship breakdown, and I highly recommend you pick it up.

It’s available to read right now, so if you fall in love with Laura here there’s no time to wait around before checking out her book.

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Ten to Talk Through with Julie Caplin

Last year was a year where we had to discover the world through books and other media, and I for sure did just that.

Julie Caplin has a wonderful Romantic Escapes series, which helps you travel the world while in the safety of your home this year. There are some wonderful destinations to visit through this series, and the most recent destionation is Switzerland.

The Little Swiss Ski Chalet was published in January 2021, the seventh of the series, and there’s still so much to explore. I sat with Julie to discuss the series, how she overcomes writer’s block, and find out where could be a new potential setting for the series.

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