The Common White Girl Checklist

This is a post I first published five whole years ago. My blog and I have both grown up a lot since then, so naturally, some of the answers were bound to change. In a small break from book content, I’m going to go way back, and re-evaluate my answers.

I find myself relating more and more to the Common White Girl Twitter account much more than I think should be healthy. So when they posted a personality quiz to see if you fit the bill and were REALLY one common white girl incarnate, I couldn’t resist taking it.

(Of course, in the five years since this was first posted, the term has now evolved into ‘basic bitch’. Language is a wonderful thing.)

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Book Twitter chats to watch out for

Twitter is one of the best tools a blogger has at their disposal. You can connect with so many other bloggers from across the globe, at any time of the day, and chat about some of the things you have in common.

For bloggers, Twitter chats are the best way to get together and natter on for an hour about things they love most. Book bloggers also get a look in, with plenty of options to get chatting. While there are some chats that occasionally have questions about books, there are some that focus mainly on reading.

All times listed below are in GMT.

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