Book Adaptations I Want to See

While books are a wonderful source of entertainment, there’s no denying TV and movies are the way to go too. Netflix has been blessing us recently, with adaptations of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Babysitter’s Club especially catching my eye. Let’s not forget Amazon Prime and HBO who are really killing it with the adaptations these days.

While we have already got some amazing adaptations already, there are a few I’m still waiting for. If I ever become a Commissioning Editor, you can expect to see these book adaptations on your screens.


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Tag Thursday: The Gilmore Girls Book Tag

The world seems to be having a bit of a moment right now, and I’ve been coming back to some of my comforts regularly to calm me. One of my greatest comforts is Gilmore Girls, and I’m midway through a re-watch of the main series. (I probably won’t watch the revival though, we don’t talk about the revival in this house.)

I wanted to tie in my (and Rory’s) love of books with the show, so this tag I found on Read by Zoe is the perfect way to do so.


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Favourite Fictional Bookworms

It’s always good to see people in books or on screen who enjoy reading as much as you do. It helps you feel more connected to the characters, and brings you a little further into their world.

There are so many readers it’s tough to cover them all, but these are some you’ve got to keep an eye out for. They’re among the most well known bibliophiles in the world of fiction.


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Literary Come Dine With Me

One of my guilty pleasures is without a doubt Come Dine With Me. I watched it every evening when I came home from university, and even though I’ve left the country I still manage to catch a few every now and then (thank you, You Tube.) I’ve decided to combine two of my biggest loves, reading and cooking, and create a little Come Dine With Me atmosphere on my blog. With Christmas coming, too, it’s the ideal time to start thinking about what kind of spread you’ll lay out for the big feast.

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