Review: Again, Rachel by Marian Keyes

Challenge prompt: A book published in 2022.


In her twenties, Rachel Walsh was a mess.

Since her spell in rehab, though, she’s come a long way on the road to recovery – and now, she’s ready to go back to where it all began. But this time, the student has become the teacher. She used to hate the staff in charge of treating her addiction. Now, she’s one of them.

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2021 Reading Habits Survey

Another reading year has passed by, and it’s time to almost officially close it off. I still have some things I’d like to look back on, but one of the best ways – and one of my favourite ways – to look back over what I read the previous year is this survey.

I find it super in depth and informative, and it makes me think about a lot of topics and insights I probably wouldn’t think about otherwise.

To compile my answers, I took a look at my reading journal, and my profiles on Goodreads and the Storygraph. I found this survey super helpful and insightful, and I hope it’ll be so for you too.

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Bookish Pet Peeves

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

There are a couple of things in books that slightly annoy me. Not enough to never read again, but just enough that I need to breathe out strongly. You know the way I mean.

Do you share any of these peeves? Let me know your thoughts.

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Tag Thursday: The Mid Year Freak Out Tag 2021

This tag is continuously one of my favourites to do. It’s a great chance to look back over the year that’s been so far, and also look ahead to all the great reading it still has in store for you.

I’ve taken this tag every year since I started book blogging, and I’ve also filmed my answers to it for my Book Tube channel if you’d prefer to hear me talk about them rather than read it.

Let’s get into the questions.

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Popular Books I Hated

This post may cause me to lose a few friends. I’m prepared for this.

Everyone has different thoughts when it comes to reading. You might really love a book and give it to your friend who isn’t super enamoured by it.

If one of your favourite books appears on here, I’m so sorry. But, there’s every chance one of my favourites will appear in a list just like this you’ll make.


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