Summer 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Now that we’re fully immersed in autumn vibes, it’s time to close off my summer reading list. There were seven books I really wanted to read across those three months, one of which I’ve wanted to read since my last winter TBR. Did I finally tick it off?

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2021 Reads I Can’t Wait to Read Again

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

Sometimes you read a book and love it so much, you know it’s going to feature on your “currently reading” shelf again soon.

There are some such books I’ve read in 2021. Often, you just know you’ll pick the book up again, maybe even by the end of the year. Have you read any of these books?

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Books with Sun in the Title

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

During the summer my reading habits take pretty much one route – sun, summer, beaches, and warm temperatures.

If your reading also takes a turn for the sunny side, I’ve got a couple of tips to help you get started. These books are perfect for bringing some sunshine into your life without even needing your passport.

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Summer Colours on my TBR

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little but a Lot.

I like to spend the summer months, when the temperatures rise and the days are so much brighter, with a summery-hued book. Think blue for the sea (or a cloudless sky), and yellow sunshine and you’re exactly where I am.

If you know any book with these coloured covers please send it my way. But, these are the books I already have and that live on my TBR in the hope of being picked up soon.

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Ten to Talk Through with Lizzy Dent

I love finding the perfect summer read, and I have definitely found this year’s contender – I even discovered it a little early.

The Summer Job ws one of my reading highlights so far in 2021, and it has really found some fans across the book community.

If you’re looking for an escape to the Scottish Highlands, and a tale of living a double life, The Summer Job is very much everything you’re looking for. If you haven’t read it yet, I really think you’re missing out.

Come and check out my chat with Lizzy, where we talk just how much a book can change between the first and second drafts.

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