Five Star Predictions from my TBR

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

We’d hope every book we read is going to be a five star, otherwise we would avoid it like the plague. However, there are some we pick up and really feel it’s a five star book in our hands.

There are some books I have really high hopes for in 2020. I think it will be interesting to look back in December and see if any of them actually did get top marks.


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January 2020 Wrap Up

January always feels like the longest month ever, so I am delighted to tell you we made it to the end.

This is my first monthly wrap up post of the new year, and of the new decade. So, no pressure to make it a good one. I usually emerge from my Christmas-time reading slump around the second week of January, so has that perked up my reading a bit?

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All I Want for Christmas Is. . .

This post is part of Six for Sunday, run by Steph from A Little but a Lot.

It’s the last weekend of the year before Christmas, and I always really love this time of year. I’m always with my family by now, sitting on my couch with the cats and some delicious food.

I try not to be too materialistic, but there are of course some things I would love to find under the Christmas tree on the 25th.


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Books I Want to Read Over Christmas

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday, run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

When I take time off for Christmas break, my want to read just plummets. I don’t even know why it does, or where it goes to.

If I find the mood hitting me, these are just some of the books I’d love to tick off my TBR throughout the festive season.


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Books I Should Have Read by Now

There’s a phrase people use about me is “her eyes are bigger than her stomach.” It’s mainly used around food – I have no sense of portion control, as in at all. But, another way it applies to me is definitely buying books.

I get so excited seeing books on the shelves, ones I’ve wanted to read for so, so long, and then I just completely ignore their existence for the rest of forever.

Books I Should Have Read by Now.png

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