May 2021 Reading Wrap Up

I like May, it’s the start of summer in Ireland so it always feels a little more warm and cheery. In May I headed out a little more for longer walks and getting some fresh air in the parks and walking paths around my house. Of course, I brought plenty of audiobooks with me.

So, with more time outside the house, and fewer books open, was there still time for reading?

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April 2021 Reading Wrap Up

March was the month of readathons, bur April really quietened down there. While I took part in two month long readathons in March, in April I joined just one weekend long readathon.

Did losing some structure in my reading impact my reading tally for the month? Or do I not really need a readathon and any kind of prompts to get through some books?

My ebook buying continued this month, but I am still firm on no physical books. There may have been some free Kindle books purchased, too.

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Books with Super Funny Titles

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

One thing we need right now is something to cheer us up. I know I do, anyway. We’ve been pretty much reliving the same day for the last year, so having a giggle every now and then is completely necessary.

Need something to brighten up your bookshelves? These are perfect.

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Disappointing 2020 Reads

In everything we do, there are always ups and downs. You can’t love everything you watch or eat or see, and reading is no different.

Unfortunately, not every book I read last year was a hit for me. That said, even if this book disappointed me it could be the book for you. Everyone reads differently, your favourite book might appear here and my favourite book might be on your list.

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