Tag Thursday: I Dare You Tag

Thanks so much to Bookmurmation for this tag. I’ve seen it floating around a few times, but I’ve never actually taken it myself. Now seems like the perfect time.

When I was in school, I of course played Truth or Dare so many times. I always went for truth, so having to do a couple of dares now feels a little out of my comfort zone for sure.

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Ten to Talk Through with Nicola Gill

In the lead up to Christmas, I sat down to chat with the lovely Nicola Gill about her most recent book, We Are Family, as well as a brand new venture for her.

In the last few months, Nicola has been working on a new website, which has just gone live in the last few weeks. It’s the best place to find out more about what Nicola is working on, as well as to get in touch with her.

Of course, her FAQ was missing some points, so I put my own questions to her.

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Ten to Talk Through with James Bailey

Today is the very first instalment of a brand new series here on Pretty Purple Polka Dots. I wanted to get to know some of my favourite authors a little better, and bring you along on the journey too. Thus, Ten to Talk Through was born.

The inital idea was part of Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme run by Jana of That Artsy Reader Girl. She set us the task of devising 10 questions we’d ask our favourite authors. When I was finished the post, I thought “why not just ask them?”

So, here’s the very first one. Fittingly, it features a debut author; James Bailey. Grab a cuppa, time to learn some more about James’ amazing debut The Flip Side, which is available to buy in November.

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Tag Thursday: The Autumn Book Tag

Today’s seasonally appropriate has been borrowed from the fantastic Emma of Drinkning by my Shelf, who I am very very sure would be my real life best friend if we were to meet.

Here’s a piece of fun trivia: In Ireland, it’s already the middle of autumn. We follow the Celtic Calendar, which means our seasons change about a month or so before they do in the UK. So, while in the UK autumn comes in September, in Ireland we have autumn already in August.

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Tag Thursday: The Christmas Carol Book Tag

In the lead up to Christmas, the Thursday Tag posts have become a little more frequent. Each week leading up to Christmas Eve, Thursdays are going to be a festive occasion.

Today’s tag is all about Christmas carols, also known as one of the best parts of Christmas. After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, right? This tag comes straight from She Latitude.

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