Tag Thursday: Things Cats Do Book Tag

Last year, June 15th was a pretty dark day as we said goodbye to the true pet of the family – my cat Lucky. Six months later, her mother Alfie followed.

Coincidentally, Tag Thursday falls on the date one year on. I found the Things Cats Do tag on Kate’s blog, and it seems like the perfect fit for this month.

So, June’s Tag Thursday is tinged with a little bit of sadness. This tag is dedicated to my three little best friends, two of whom I’ve said goodbye to in the last year, and a one year memorial to my little pal.

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Tag Thursday: I Dare You Tag

Thanks so much to Bookmurmation for this tag. I’ve seen it floating around a few times, but I’ve never actually taken it myself. Now seems like the perfect time,

The rules are:

  • You must be honest
  • You can’t not answer a question
  • You have to tag at least four people
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Interview with an Author: Ruth Gilligan

Irish author Ruth Gilligan started writing when she was in Transition Year, and her first novel Forget was published in 2006. Ruth was the youngest person ever to reach the top of the Irish bestsellers list. Two more novels followed, before Ruth took a break from the publishing world to begin her studies in the UK.

Ruth studied English at Cambridge, and also holds an MA in Creative Writing from both Yale and the University of East Anglia, as well as a PhD in English from the University of Exeter. She’s currently a full time lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham.

Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan, Ruth’s fourth book, was published in January 2017, her first book since 2009. Ruth told me about bringing work home, and how plans are going for her upcoming wedding.

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Tag Thursday: The Autumn Book Tag

Did you miss the tags on here? Good, because thanks to popular demand, they’re going to make a return – but not as intensely as before.

I’ve decided that each month, I will post a tag on the third Thursday. It brings back the tags, which I really liked to do but felt they were taking up too much space from the original content, and it lets everyone know a little more about my reading habits and the like.


Image via Pinterest

So, today’s one is the first in line, and has been borrowed from the fantastic Emma, who I am very very sure would be my real life best friend if we were to meet. My booktube, where I did some tags before, fell to the side, so I’m going to write up my answers instead.

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