Review: Not Lost by Sarah Maria Griffin

This book did not fit any of my challenge criteria


“Memoir is not what this thing is. It is just a true story. Except for the parts that are enormous, staggering lies…”

At once brazen and terrified, Sarah Maria Griffin’s hilarious and beautifully written story opens a doorway into the interior life of the Celtic Tiger cubs who have left Ireland to escape the recession in search of prosperity.

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Ten Years of Book Love

This post is part of Top 10 Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl

I’ve got a lot of book love in me, and I like to spread it out as much as I can. There are a couple of books every year that really stand out to me, but if I had to rank the last ten years, how would I do it? With so many books I loved dearly from the last 10 years, can I narrow each into just one top read?

I’m hoping this will be a little easier than I’m making it out to be in my head. I’m going through all the books I’ve ever read on my Goodreads list and taking a look at what year they were released to help form my opinions.

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2018 Five Star Reads

There’s been a lot of “my least favourite reads from last year” books but I didn’t want to add to those. I don’t think that kind of negative thinking is good when you’re looking back on the year.

I feel like I’m quite late with my 5* reads post from last year. I wanted to really make sure every book I gave top marks to, was one I was still happy to endorse as such.

Luckily, I agreed with 2018 Aoife, and the majority of my 5* reviews stayed.

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Recent TBR Additions

This post is part of Top 10 Tuesday, run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

Books are to me what a shiny trinket is to a magpie. I seem to buy books like it’s going out of style, and I generally leave books on my TBR for about 20 years before I manage to get to them.

I’ve added a couple of books to my TBR recently, and I aim to have read them by the end of 2019. I really hope writing my intentions down will actually give me that kick up the butt I need to read them.

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