Five things I learned about moving country

Alright, yes, I do bang on about it. But I promise, this is a post that maybe you won’t roll your eyes too deep into your skull at. Maybe.

In the time leading up to when I left Ireland, I’d┬álearned a lot. Both about life, and about myself.

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Croeso i Cymru

I’ve made reference to it several times in previous posts, but I think now is the time to document the next big step in my life; my move across the Irish Sea. Plus, I’ve done an awful amount of tags over the last few days, so I feel like I need to prove that I am actually capable of independent thought, and of original content.

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Things of Ireland, I will miss you

When I first wrote about things I would miss if I were to ever leave Ireland, I never thought that one day I actually would leave. I’d always threatened it, but it was more often than not an incredibly empty threat.

Then again, I’d always wanted to live in Wales. Having looked back at my list of things I’d miss to see if I would still have a longing for them, I was amazed at some of the obvious omissions. Once again, family and friends aren’t mentioned, as it’s taken as a given.

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