Books To Bring to University

Already, there’s a whole new school year started. When you’re out of the education system, you can forget how fast the months speed past, the excitement of buying new stationary, and the happiness of finally seeing your friends every day again.

University is a little different, especially if you’re going for the first time. It’s a whole new world to navigate. It may be the first time you’re away from home. A huge dilemma for me when I first moved to Dublin for university was, what the hell was I going to pack? Once I got the basics like food, clothes, bed linen and cookware sorted, I needed to move on to my pride and joy – books. There are some books that you should definitely bring to university, whether or not you’re an avid reader.

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Review: The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet

This book did not fit any of my challenge criteria.


Be careful who you let in . . .

When Caroline and Francis receive an offer to house swap–from their city flat to a townhouse in a leafy, upscale London suburb–they jump at the chance for a week away from home, their son, and the tensions that have pushed their marriage to the brink.

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