Tag Thursday: The Mid Year Freak Out Tag 2021

This tag is continuously one of my favourites to do. It’s a great chance to look back over the year that’s been so far, and also look ahead to all the great reading it still has in store for you.

I’ve taken this tag every year since I started book blogging, and I’ve also filmed my answers to it for my Book Tube channel if you’d prefer to hear me talk about them rather than read it.

Let’s get into the questions.

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2020 Reading Challenge Update

This is the second time I’ll be updating you on my reading challenge progress in 2020. When we went into lockdown in mid March, so many people had the opportunity to spend more time at home reading. My job is an essential one, and we are still in the office to this day. So, I haven’t had that same chance to up my reading goal as everyone else. Has that made a big dent in how I was doing last time?


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Tag Thursday: 2020 Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

This book is absolutely EVERYWHERE at this time of year. It’s also one of my favourite posts to make in the year. I’ve taken it in 2019, 2018 and 2017 and it gives me a little chance to look back on my reading throughout the year thus far.

I’ve also taken this tag on my BookTube channel, so if you’d rather listen than read please feel free to follow the link above.


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