Characters I Want to go on Holiday With

This post is part of Six for Sunday, run by Steph from A Little but a Lot.

Is there anything better than a holiday? It’s so great to forget about the troubles of work and daily life, and just kick back with a good book and some great cocktails. I’ve been away by myself, but going somewhere with a group of friends is infinitely more fun.

If there was any fictional character I could bring with me on my trips, it would have to be one of these lovely people below. Once we stopped fighting about where to go, we’d have a fantastic time together.


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Review: Bride Squad Runaway by Caroline Grace Cassidy and Lisa C. Carey

This book did not fit any of my challenge criteria.

Disclaimer: This review is part of a blog tour run by the publisher, Black & White Publishing. This has not affected my opinion of the book, nor the outcome of this review.


Ava O’Hara seems to have it all . . . She has a great job, a long-term relationship and the promise of a wedding on the horizon. But her fiancé has other plans, and Ava’s not part of them.
On the big day itself, she’s forced to flee the ruins of her best life. Ava needs help, and fast. Who knew that a trio of old friends, two roguish strangers in an ice-cream van and one handsome French man would turn out to be the best emergency bride squad ever?

A brilliantly funny, wise and warm-hearted story of love, friendship and freedom by BFFs, Caroline and Lisa.

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Review: Are We Nearly There Yet by Lucy Vine

Challenge criteria: Read a book during the season it’s set in


Alice is turning thirty and is stuck in a rut. Her friends are all coupling up and settling down, while she’s still working as a temp, trying (and failing) not to shag her terrible ex, getting thrown out of clubs, and accidentally sexting her boss…

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Author Spotlight: Lynsey James

I remember the first time I was introduced to Lynsey and her books. I took part in quite a lot of blog tours run by Jenny of Neverland Blog Tours. In 2016, Lynsey’s book The Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club, featured, and (in the words of almost every blogger ever) I jumped at the chance to read this book from a new author I hadn’t heard of.

I rather enjoyed it, and I also learned during the time of the tour how much of a lovely person Lynsey is. She’s become a very firm friend in those three years, and I can honestly say her books are a delight to read.

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Review: Meat Market by Juno Dawson

This book did not fit any of my challenge criteria.


Jana Novak’s history sounds like a classic model cliché: tall and gangly, she’s uncomfortable with her androgynous looks until she’s unexpectedly scouted and catapulted to superstardom.

But the fashion industry is as grimy as it is glamorous. And there are unexpected predators at every turn.

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