Schools I’d Love to Attend

September always means one thing in my house – back to school. When both of your parents teach for their money, it’s quite hard to think of anything else in that time. Almost the whole month of August was filled with stationery (which is probably where my lifelong love of stationery stems from) and school book lists.

With Harry Potter’s son Albus starting school today (yes, it’s been 19 years since the Battle of Hogwarts), I had a think about some fictional schools K wish I was attending. If I had been to one of these schools, I think I would have liked going back to school a whole lot more than I actually did.

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Books I Studied in School 

Today marks the beginning of the Leaving Cert, the final school exams in Ireland before you head off to college. It’s the sixth anniversary of when I sat my own exams, meaning I’ve been out of secondary school now for as long as I was in it. Kids starting their Leaving Cert weren’t even in secondary school when I sat my own exams. And that, readers, is how you feel old.

In honour of this great moment, I took a look at the texts and tomes I studied for my own Mental Torture™. The greatest feat will be if I can actually remember them. In this, I’ve included my studied prose – this would enter into thesis levels if I rattled off all the poetry and poets I focused on.

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An official ranking of DADA teachers

I recently watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and came to a not quite that startling conclusion.

Whoever gave Gilderoy Lockhart the notion to go teaching should be put to an inquiry from the Ministry of Magic.

Image via Tumblr

I mean seriously, nice one Dumbledore.

It got me thinking, how does he compare to the other Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers? This here is a definitive ranking of those who filled the position during Harry’s years of education, from worst to best. As Harry missed his seventh year, Snape’s successor, Amycus Carrow, will not feature in this list as he did not feature heavily in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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The wonders of Duolingo

I’ve had a Duolingo account for about a year now, I started it when I started Spanish classes in Dublin as I thought it would be a great way to revise during the week. A friend of mine used it to learn Portuguese to communicate with his Brazilian girlfriend and he recommended it quite strongly to me.

After setting up some Spanish, I then started remastering German (which I haven’t done properly since my Leaving Cert in 2011) and my Irish (which I’ve been at since I was three).

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