January 2021 Reading Wrap Up

I always find January quite a long, endless month. Of course, that hasn’t been aided by the fact we spent most of the month in lockdown.

I went on an official book buying ban on 1 January. With shops closed, it was the perfect time to finally get through the huge backlog that is my physical TBR.

I also stopped buying Kindle books, which was starting to become an issue. The only book I “bought” this month was a pre-order I’d ordered in November.

I came up with a fun way to decide what books to read in January, and shared that on my Book Tube channel. Why don’t you go find out what those books were, and let’s see if they appear in this post?

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The January Book Tag

BookTube was one of my biggest vices in 2019, and one of my favourite channels was Book Break. Book Break is the You Tube channel from UK publishing house PanMcMillan, fronted by Emma.

This year, they created their own book tag. It’s perfect for fighting off the January blues – a lot easier to do now we’re on the home stretch out of the month.


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