March 2022 Reading Wrap Up

For me, March is the month the Irish take over. The books I read in March are solely, if not then mostly, written by Irish authors in honour of St Patrick’s Day.

I also take part in the Irish Readathon each March, which is more of an incentive to discover new Irish books and Irish authors.

So, was my shelf only decked out in green?

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If I Could Only Keep 10 Irish Books

I’ve seen the concept of “if I could only keep 10 books” on Book Tube, but I wanted to put my own spin on it.

So, I came up with 10 books by Irish authors I wouldn’t part with, if I had to get rid of every other book I own. This is a pretty strong endorsement for some of my favourite books from across my life.

Have you read any of these? Would you also keep them and only them, or is there another book on your list instead?

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Review: Aisling and the City by Sarah Breen and Emer McLysaght

Challenge prompt: A book with a quote from your favourite author on the cover or Amazon page


Aisling is 31, and she’s still a complete Aisling. With BallyGoBrunch flying and the door firmly closed on her relationship with John, Aisling accepts an unexpected job offer and boards a business-class flight to New York in her best wrap dress and heels.

As she finds her feet in the Big Apple, she throws herself into the dating game, grapples with ‘always-on’ work culture, forges and fights for new friendships and brings her good wedges to a party in the Hamptons, much to Sadhbh’s dismay.

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Review: The Rebound by Catherine Walsh

This book did not fit any of my challenge prompts.


A newly single girl. A tall dark handsome stranger. What could go wrong?

It’s 7 a.m. on a Monday morning and Abby Reynolds isn’t where she wants to be. She wants to be in her beautiful loft apartment in Manhattan, drinking a coffee with her fiancé.

Instead, she’s heading back to the childhood home in rural Ireland she swore she’d never return to, with some big old secrets. Namely that she’s suddenly found herself unemployed, homeless, and absolutely 100% single.

She’s feeling all out of luck. Until the first person she meets after she touches down is an absurdly hot guy called Luke, who offers her a lift home. Gazing deep into his sparkling emerald-green eyes, Abby knows instantly that he’s exactly what she needs to take her mind off everything. The perfect rebound.

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