Interview with an Author: Ruth Gilligan

Irish author Ruth Gilligan started writing when she was in Transition Year, and her first novel Forget was published in 2006. Ruth was the youngest person ever to reach the top of the Irish bestsellers list. Two more novels followed, before Ruth took a break from the publishing world to begin her studies in the UK.

Ruth studied English at Cambridge, and also holds an MA in Creative Writing from both Yale and the University of East Anglia, as well as a PhD in English from the University of Exeter. She’s currently a full time lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham.

Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan, Ruth’s fourth book, was published in January 2017, her first book since 2009. Ruth told me about bringing work home, and how plans are going for her upcoming wedding.

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Interview with an author: Sara Mendes da Costa

You might not recognise Sara’s name, but if she spoke you’d definitely know her voice. Sara is the voice of the Speaking Clock, and is the fourth person to hold this title since its inception in 1936. She’s also a successful, world-renowned voiceover artist, her dulcet tones are easily recognisable on television, radio, film and across countless media.

I caught up with her to chat about putting her voice to paper, and about difficult decisions in life.

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Interview with an author: Claire Hennessy

When I was growing up, Claire Hennessy was one of my favourite Irish authors. I grew up reading titles of hers like Being Her Sister (which inspired me to write my own [not very good] short stories), Dear Diary and Good Girls Don’t. When I heard there was a new book from Claire coming this year, there was no way in hell I wasn’t getting myself one.

Before the launch of Nothing Tastes as Good in Dublin this week, I caught up with Claire to ask about her return to the YA world.

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