How to track your reading

For many book readers, a big thing is numbers – how many books have I read this year? Is it more than last year? Am I on track with my challenges?

Keeping a hold of how your reading is going is actually a lot easier than you would think, and there are so many ways to do it you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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Review: My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

Challenge criteriaA book you were excited to buy or borrow but you haven’t read yet.


It’s the perfect love story.

Lily meets Ed at a party, and on their second date, he proposes. She’s a lawyer, he’s an up-and-coming artist. They own a small but beautiful flat in London and mix with all the right people.

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Tag Thursday: Things Cats Do Book Tag

Last year, June 15th was a pretty dark day as we said goodbye to the true pet of the family – my cat Lucky. Six months later, her mother Alfie followed.

Coincidentally, Tag Thursday falls on the date one year on. I found the Things Cats Do tag on Kate’s blog, and it seems like the perfect fit for this month.

So, June’s Tag Thursday is tinged with a little bit of sadness. This tag is dedicated to my three little best friends, two of whom I’ve said goodbye to in the last year, and a one year memorial to my little pal.

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