End of Summer tag

I’ve recently (read: at the beginning of the month) been tagged to complete this Q&A session, and I thought this would be a perfect last blog post for the summer season. A big thanks to Lariane for the tag, as well.

With schools due back this week *snigger* and myself moved back to my parent’s place, this is the perfect time to reflect on my summer in Dublin.

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Linky: What’s in your handbag?

Being the nosey little madam I am, when I saw the “what’s in my handbag” linky floating about Twitter I just had to look into everyone’s bags and see what lay inside.

So, with thanks to Sara from Where Is My Mind Gone, and to Danielle from LilliWhiteRose, here’s a look into my own handbag.

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GUEST BLOG: And the IFTA for Best Dress Goes To

As award season kicked off with the Irish Film and Television Awards, there was really only one reason I was watching the ceremony- the dresses. I wanted to give my opinion on what they wore, but since I look like I got dressed in the dark most days I figured I needed help. So, I recruited Chloe, a friend of mine who runs Very Lovely Stuff to give some help.

Hi! I’m Chloe, a 19 year old student who blogs over at http://verylovelystuff.blogspot.ie/. I’m big into beauty & fashion, and so Aoife asked me to join her in rating & slating the stars at the IFTAs. You can tweet me at @_ChloePower_ to let me know what you think of my comments.

Now that we all know each other, let’s get down to the serious business.

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