Review: Laura’s Spooky Show by Natasha Mac a’Bhaird

This book did not fit any of my challenge criteria.

Disclaimer: This review is part of a blog tour run by the author. This has in way affected my opinion of the book, nor the outcome of this review.


Star Club are planning a new show, full of witches, magic and mystery – and Laura is going to write it! She finds plenty of inspiration from a spooky old house nearby, where strange things are happening. Is Laura imagining it, or could it really be … haunted? Continue reading

Favourite Childhood Books

I’ve been reading for pretty much my entire life. My earliest memory of reading is sitting in the golf club my Dad is a member of, and reading a book named “Can You Moo Like A Cow?” (spoiler: yes I could.) My love of reading completely ignited from there, and it really took off.

I spent most of my childhood with my nose firmly wedged into a book. I got into so much trouble with my parents for staying up to read long past bedtime. I even tried to get away with the infamous “torch under the duvet cover”,¬† but nothing could keep me from my love of reading.

There are a few books I’ve loved all the way through my life, and some that are so special to me as they’re books I have a strong connection with from my childhood. All the books featuring here are ones I read before I turned 12.

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Why you need to read The Baby-Sitter’s Club

I grew up in the 90s and 00s, and a lot of my time then was spent reading series that would shape much of my outlook on life. One such series was The Baby-Sitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin.

For the uninitiated, this series focused on a group of seven friends in a fictional Connecticut town who established a babysitting business in their local area. I adored this series of books, borrowing them from my local library every Tuesday after my Irish dancing classes. I would pore through the books, and I’m pretty sure they’re where my intense love of reading stems from.

Read the BSC.png

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Review: Children of the Famine Trilogy by Marita Conlon McKenna

I first read the Children of the Famine Trilogy when I was younger. I can vivdly remember my teacher in 4th Class (so when I was 10) reading the first book aloud, and I devoured the other two in my own time. A recent episode of the podcast Juvenalia, where the first book was discussed, brought the trilogy back to my attention. I sped through them all in about two days.

I’m going to keep the reviews of the three books in one place, to make them a little easier to find/collate. These books are all perfect if you’re looking to learn some more about Irish history, or if you’re a teacher and can’t find something to read aloud to the class (I can tell you from experience that it will fascinate your students.)

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Top 10 Tuesday: Book I Really Liked But Can’t Really Remember

This post is part of Top 10 Tuesdays, run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

I’ve read so many books that I’ve actually forgotten most of. I’m terrible for it. Sometimes I could read a book and forget it within a week, which is the main reason I’ve started a reading journal. Since I’ve kept record of my books I’ve been able to remember the stories, or been able to flick back through my notebook and recall.

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