My Life on Pottermore

Every Harry Potter fan is on Pottermore, it seems. If you’ve never experienced it, the site is about as close to sitting in the Great Hall and being sorted into the houses as we will ever come. Not only does Pottermore give you your Hogwarts house, you can also find out your Patronus and what kind of wand you would use.

A few years ago, too, Pottermore also added the chance to discover what Ilvermorny house you would have been sorted into, had you been a student of the American school.

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Tag Thursday: Things Cats Do Book Tag

Last year, June 15th was a pretty dark day as we said goodbye to the true pet of the family – my cat Lucky. Six months later, her mother Alfie followed.

Coincidentally, Tag Thursday falls on the date one year on. I found the Things Cats Do tag on Kate’s blog, and it seems like the perfect fit for this month.

So, June’s Tag Thursday is tinged with a little bit of sadness. This tag is dedicated to my three little best friends, two of whom I’ve said goodbye to in the last year, and a one year memorial to my little pal.

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Belfast Haul

At the end of February, I decided to break up a couple of days in Dublin by heading north on the M1 and taking a visit to Belfast.

My trip came the day after Storm Doris hit Ireland, so I had a two hour train delay before I could even hit Belfast. Luckily, I had a book with me to keep me sane, and dreams of visiting one of Northern Ireland’s most famous attractions.

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