Books Too Good to Review Properly

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

Some books are such great reads, it’s hard to put your thoughts together and give it the praise it deserves. Often it’s because I just can’t put my thoughts together coherently, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like this is my story to tell or my opinion is not the one which most needs to be heard.

So, here’s the books I loved but didn’t tell you how much. Hopefully you’ll love them too.

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Most Anticipated Romances of 2022: January to June

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

With a new year always comes a brand new set of books I can’t wait to discover. I have got quite a few books already coming out in the early stages of 2022 that I simply cannot wait to read.

Many of these are from authors whose books I’ve already read and loved. Do you have any I’m missing?

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My Top Books of 2021

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl

Every month of this year, I jotted down the book I loved the most. I like to look back over it and see if those really did stand out, and maybe if I can point out a Book of the Year. This year, there are several contenders.

Have you read any of these? Do our tastes match up or were you slightly more disappointed?

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Favourite Books by Black Authors

This year I’ve really made an effort to diversify my reading shelves. Throughout the last few years my reading has been pretty white author dominated, and it’s time to change that.

So, I’ve got some authors of colour I’ve loved, and maybe you will really enjoy their books too. I’ve collected a list across several genres and reading tastes. There should for sure be something here you’ll enjoy.

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Tag Thursday: The School Day Book Tag

September in my house always went back to school. There’s simply no escaping it when both your parents are teachers.

So, September seems like the perfect month to take this school-themed tag created by the wonderful Victoria from What Victoria Read. It’s separated into questions about the time of day during school, and also some about the subjects you studied.

For this tag, I’ll only be answering questions about the subjects I sat for my Leaving Certificate, the end of school exams in Ireland.

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