Why Books Make the Perfect Gift

The Christmas season has officially started. I bet even the biggest grinches are looking forward to the festive season a little bit (even if it’s just to all the food.) If you’re doing a bookish Advent calendar and have already gotten through your first book, I really salute you.

If you’re still wracking your brains about what to get as presents for everyone you know and love, then let me suggest that you buy each of them a book.

Ok, I can hear your shouts that some people in your life just aren’t bookish. But, I have the list that might change your mind. Even my brother asked me to get a book for him, and he hasn’t read for pleasure in years.

So, here’s why you should get your friends and loved ones a book as a gift this year.

Books as Gifts.png

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Books that Impacted Me

Today is my 28th birthday, and probably the 28th anniversary of my love of books. I’ve read hundreds of books across my life, from reading with my parents, learning to read in school, to setting up my own book blog (and subsequently a Book Tube channel) sharing some of my favourite titles.

While I have tonnes of favourite books for a plethora of different reasons, there are some that have stuck with me throughout my life. Isn’t it really coincidental that it’s the same amount as the number of years I’m turning?


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Books Published on June 27th

June 27th is a very important day. It is the Djiboutian Day of Independence. It is the day Tony Blair resigned as British PM. It is my birthday. To be honest, that’s the most important part of the day. I love my birthday, and it’s the one day of the year I turn into Blair Waldorf.

This year, my birthday falls on a Thursday. Thursdays are pretty big in the book world, as it’s a day quite a lot of books are published. So, this year I have the honour of sharing my birthday with not just Mary McAleese (former President of Ireland) and Jo Frost (Supernanny), but also with some really fantastic books.

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Tag Thursday: The Birthday Book Tag

This month, Tag Thursday almost synched up with my birthday – my birthday will actually be next Thursday. So, I thought it would be the ideal time to do the Birthday Book Tag. This lovely tag was created by Antonia from Always Books, and it’s a great way to share your thoughts about your life so far while celebrating your birthday and your reading days to come.

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Tag Thursday: The Mid Year Freakout Tag – 2018 Edition

Yeah, it’s somehow July, half the year has passed us by, and I still have so damn much to read. But, I also like to use the midpoint of the year to take a look back at how reading has been so far. I really enjoyed doing this tag last year. So, when my good friend Cora from Tea Party Princess tagged me in this, I knew I had to take part again.