Tag Thursday: The Bookaholics Anonymous Tag

My name is Aoife, and I am a bookaholic. I genuinely have a problem, resulting in a book buying ban and a need for a brand new bookshelf. You can find me at my local bookaholics anonymous meeting. Or in a bookshop.

This tag, which will hopefully cure me even just a little, was taken from Donna over at Chocolate n Waffles.

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How We Survived A Book Buying Ban

Setptember was a big month for me and some of my bookish friends. We all decided that we’d take a break from book buying and just focus on the books we had to hand. I’ve decided to extend mine, and now it will be my reward when I’ve done 50 work outs. Some of the other girls joined in, and have decided to take their ban a little further too. But, I asked two of them what they thought about their time in book buying jail, and what are their plans for when it’s all over.

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