Ten to Talk Through with Mary Jayne Baker

September means back to school, and thoughts of back to school can bring up the thoughts of Shakespeare.

One thing that can make Shakespeare a little more accessible is a retelling or a reimagining. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Love at First Fight, Mary Jayne Baker’s latest book.

This fantastic romance story, which came out last month, was inspired by Much Ado About Nothing. If this is one of your favourite Shakespearean works, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this story.

I had a chat with Mary Jayne to talk how she gets inspired, and just how she differs to the characters she created.

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Ten to Talk Through with Portia MacIntosh

They say never meet your heroes, but oh talking to Portia MacIntosh absolutely rubbished that claim.

Portia’s latest book, Will They Won’t They, comes out on September 7th, so before its release I sat down with her for a cuppa and a chat. Come find out about how Portia escapes that dastardly writer’s block.

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Ten to Talk Through with Catherine Walsh

I love discovering a debut author whose book I just can’t put down. I love it even more when I discover said author is Irish.

Catherine Walsh’s book One Night Only came onto my radar as it features one of my favourite social gatherings – Irish weddings. So, seeing it feature as a huge part of the book was such a pull factor.

To find out how I liked the book, you’ll have to check out my review, but right now you can check out my little chat with Catherine.

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Ten to Talk Through with Annette Christie

Ever read a book and known instantly you want the author to be your best friend? That’s what happened when I picked up The Rehearsals by Annette Christie.

There was something about her writing style that made me desperate to have a chat with her. So, in the lead up to her publication date we sat down to talk the ways her characters mirror her, and the delicious sounding snacks she has when writing.

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Authors I’ll Never Read

Everyone has their favourite authors, but there are also those who you just don’t gel with for some reason.

I’ve spoken at length about the authors whose books I cannot miss, but I’ve not really mentioned the ones I don’t think I’ll ever pick up. Some on this list I’ve read some from but not really loved them, others I just know aren’t for me.

There’s a chance one of your favourite authors will appear on this list, and if they do I’m really sorry. However, there’s also a high chance my favourites list is peppered with authors who you would put on a list like this one.

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