Ten to Talk Through: Laura Price

They say to write what you know about, but Laura Price’s debut book is the best example of this I’ve seen in such a long time.

Single Bald Female follows Jessica, who is in her early 30s and seems to have it all, but whose life it thrown into turmoil when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measures.

I sat with Laura to ask her how she has a little help in procrastinating, and the exciting setting of her next novel.

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Ten to Talk Through with Rachael English

Sometimes, books I love are written by someone whose main job isn’t as an author. One of these people is Rachael English, who works as a broadcast journalist for Ireland’s state broadcaster.

I’ve read three of Rachael’s books so far, and just recently finished her most recent book The Letter Home. We sat down to talk her traditional method of beating writer’s block, and her biggest vice when writing.

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Ten to Talk Through: Ruth Gilligan

I love when an author follows you throughout your life, and their work grows as you grow too. This is what’s happened with myself and Ruth Gilligan.

Ruth’s debut novel, Forget, was one of my favourite books as a teen reader. Her adult debut, Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan was a highlight of my reading in 2017. I’ve been eagerly waiting for her next move since.

I sat with her to talk about her inspiration for her novels, and the new setting she’ll be featuring in her upcoming novel.

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Ten to Talk Through with Jenna Guillaume

One of my favourite things about social media is being able to discover people and experiences I would never have known otherwise. One of these far away discoveries is Australian author Jenna Guillaume.

I found Jenna first through her work for Buzzfeed Australia. She watched back over several iconic 90s movies and records her thoughts on the whole thing, start to finish.

So, when I heard Jenna was writing her first YA novel, I instantly went on the search for What I Like About Me. I finally was gifted a copy for my birthday, and since it came out Jenna has written another two amazing books.

We sat down for a chat just before the birth of her beautiful daughter to talk the very alliterate description of her first book, and the game that’s been taking over her free time.

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Ten to Talk Through with Olivia Beirne

One of my favourite parts of being a book blogger is discovering new authors and new books a little before everyone else does. The deal is even sweeter when that author becomes a firm favourite.

Olivia Beirne’s two books so far, The List That Changed My Life and The Accidental Love Letter became huge favourites for me. So, I knew I had to get my hands on The House Swap.

Olivia has just started work on her fifth book, so when she had a spare moment we sat together for a chat about where she feels she gets her best work.

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