2020 Reading Challenge Wrap Up

The year is finally over, and that means it’s also the end of my reading challenge. I love how much it pushes me to read more, and to discover books I wouldn’t ever have beforehand.

Let’s take a look at how the year went for me reading wise. I might have had some reading slumps and slip ups, but I did still try to get as much read as possible.

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2020 Reading Challenge Update

This is the second time I’ll be updating you on my reading challenge progress in 2020. When we went into lockdown in mid March, so many people had the opportunity to spend more time at home reading. My job is an essential one, and we are still in the office to this day. So, I haven’t had that same chance to up my reading goal as everyone else. Has that made a big dent in how I was doing last time?


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Reading Challenge 2020: The First Check In

My reading challenges are the things that keep a little bit of control in my reading. While I love being able to read anything I like, having some prompts in the back of my mind is something nice to work towards.

So, time to check how the first three months of the year have been. I’ve only got two reading challenges this year again, rather than three, so hopefully there’s been some success somewhere?


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Reading Challenge 2020

This is the fifth year I’ve regaled you all with my reading challenge successes (or failures), and I’m really excited for this one. I really love looking back over the year and seeing how many of the prompts I’ve crossed off. I’m then wrecking my head in the later months trying to find a book to clear up the ones I’ve yet to tick.

I’ve once again decided to forego the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge, though I have looked at the prompts and they seem really interesting. For 2020, however, all my energy will be on the PopSugar reading challenge.

It’s the one challenge I look forward to every year, and it’s been a staple of my book blogging since I revived it in 2016. I really like this challenge as there are basic prompts, with 40 to complete, but there’s also an extra 10 for if you want to let your inner Matilda Wormwood shine.

Books I Should Have Read by Now(2)

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