My Dublinia

Last week, I moved back home to my parents after four years in the capital. I’d had quite a life set up for myself in Dublin, and I’d quite fancied myself more than a blow in.

I had a plethora of services at my doorstep around the city, so here’s a run down of some of them. For those planning a move to the city for work or college, it’s an introduction to some of the sights and sounds you can expect to greet you in the fair city. For natives, it could present new ideas.

A lot of these choices are city centre-based too, so getting to them is a doddle.

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The littlest museum of all

There’s a plethora of museums around Dublin city in which to lose yourself for a few hours. But one that escapes notoriety is the Little Museum of Dublin, which has only been on the scene since late 2012.

When I first heard of the museum, I too thought it was a model farm type of attraction. Turns out, I was wrong.

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