The Royal Visit

Last Friday, I finished up my first semester of my Masters degree, but there was no time to catch up on all the sleep I’ve lost in those three months.

My friend Sorcha, who I met during my days working in Dublin Airport, came to see me for a long weekend. And our weekend, which actually turned out to be very short, was chock filled.

If you’re planning a trip to Cardiff, why not incorporate some of these ideas?

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The Pretty Purple Polka Dot Travel Bucket List

My friend was recently absolutely devastated when she realised a visit to me in Cardiff won’t result in getting a stamp on her passport. I have tried to console her by inviting her to come with me when I cross one of these off my list.

This is also a travel porn piece for me. Because I didn’t just get off a plane three days ago. . .

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My Dublinia

Last week, I moved back home to my parents after four years in the capital. I’d had quite a life set up for myself in Dublin, and I’d quite fancied myself more than a blow in.

I had a plethora of services at my doorstep around the city, so here’s a run down of some of them. For those planning a move to the city for work or college, it’s an introduction to some of the sights and sounds you can expect to greet you in the fair city. For natives, it could present new ideas.

A lot of these choices are city centre-based too, so getting to them is a doddle.

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