Tag Thursday: The “I Should Have Read That” Tag

This is a tag that was absolutely made for me because there are simply tonnes of books I feel like I should have ticked off by now. Some of them already live on my bookshelf but are still patiently waiting for me to come and pick them up.

This tag was created by Beth from Book’s Nest – one of my favourite UK book bloggers, and definitely one of the most supportive bloggers there is.

Books I Should Have Read by Now(1).png

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Tag Thursday: The Hocus Pocus Book Tag

One of my favourite Hallowe’en films is Hocus Pocus. I watch it every single Hallowe’en without fail, and as soon as I’m an adult enough I’ll be adopting a little black cat named Binx.

I have so many times where I go back and forth in my head as to which Sanderson sister I embody most. I would love it to be Winifred, but in reality I’m a lot more of a Mary.

So, once I spotted this tag over on Never Not Reading, I pretty much instantly knew I was filling it in. It’s what the Sanderson sisters deserve.


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Tag Thursday: The Nightmare Before Christmas Book Tag

It’s a huge bone of contention among film lovers – is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Hallowe’en or Christmas film? No matter what your thoughts on it, there’s no denying it’s one fantastic movie. A colourful cast of characters, a heart warming message, and a ghost dog – what more is there to want! I spotted this tag about the film over on Brittany the Bibliophile, and whenever you decide to watch the film it’s still the perfect tag to take.


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Tag Thursday: The Addams Family Book Tag

October is all about one thing – Hallowe’en. I’m not super big into Hallowe’en, and I can be a bit of a wuss when it comes to scary movies or books. One movie I do love, though, is The Addams Family. I love the dynamic between Morticia and Gomez, and I aspire to be as deadpan as Wednesday Addams. When I saw this awesome Addams Family Book Tag on Books and Hot Tea, I knew it would be perfect for some October blogging.


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