Characters I Want To See More From

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But A Lot.

Do you ever find yourself pining after a character you’ve fallen in love with? It happens to me pretty much constantly, and there are a lot of characters I’d love to get a “where are they now” type sequel. I love “where are they now” endings in books, because I feel like it ties everything up perfectly and leaves no room for guessing. So, I’m going to humbly ask for a WATN for some of my favourite characters throughout my reading life.

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Ten Years of Book Love

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I’ve got a lot of book love in me, and I like to spread it out as much as I can. There are a couple of books every year that really stand out to me, but if I had to rank the last ten years, how would I do it? With so many books I loved dearly from the last 10 years, can I narrow each into just one top read?

I’m hoping this will be a little easier than I’m making it out to be in my head. I’m going through all the books I’ve ever read on my Goodreads list and taking a look at what year they were released to help form my opinions.

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Books from 2019 on my TBR

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But A Lot.

I have my eye on a couple of books from 2019 that will need to slowly make their way up my TBR. Some are from authors whose fortunes I’ve followed for years, while a couple are newer discoveries for me.

That’s one of the things I love most about reading – mixing between the comfort of reading your long-loved favourite authors, and delighting in finding a new author to love. So, it makes sense the list of books I’m looking forward to in 2019 is a perfect mix of that.

As per usual, Steph hasn’t given me enough space to talk at all – I could have gone all day with my list of books.

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Tag Thursday: The Hamilton Book Tag

I’m as much of a musical nut as I am a bookworm. One of my favourite musicals of the last five years has got to be Hamilton. I discovered the soundtrack one day in work, played it through, and subsequently couldn’t stop singing. I saw the West End show in July 2018 with a friend, and spent the entire show crying. If musicals are your jam and you can go to see this at all, then go.

When I discovered the Hamilton Book Tag, which was created by booktuber Maureen, I knew I couldn’t say no to this. (Cheap shot, I know.)

Warning: some of the answers to this tag will be spoilers because that’s the nature of the question.

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