What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Book Blogging

Book blogging is a lot of fun. It’s one of my favourite pastimes, and it has brought me to meet some of the nicest people I know. Some of them, I’m glad and honoured to call very close friends. But, don’t think it’s all rainbows and sunshine. Every silver lining does have its cloud, so there are some downsides to book blogging as well as the glory days.

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Video killed the writer

I’d been toying with the idea to make a You Tube channel connected to this blog for ages. I even borrowed one of my Mam’s Canon cameras to shoot the thing, and downloaded Windows Movie Maker (gotta get the basics) to my laptop to edit the footage. But I was still scared.

Who’d even watch it? I have a Snapchat for my blog, and it’s not very popular. Would You Tube be the exact same? Would people tune in to watch me talk crap on video as well as put up with me here?

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An open letter from your single friends

Hello Coupley Coupleson

You may remember us. We’re “sad Tara” who sat in the corner on her own texting the night you held a dinner party. We’re “lonely Kevin”, who couldn’t take part in the chat (banter) down the pub last Friday because he doesn’t have a Significant Other.

We may be these people. But we are more than that. And we want to remind you of a few things. We’ve gathered on YikYak, forum websites and Twitter, and I’ve been nominated to tell our story. I apologise in advance.

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Emigration: pros/cons – an analysis

I recently found a video online of two lads from Dublin sat in their kitchen discussing the emigration culture in Ireland at the moment. Two of their good friends had upped sticks to Canada and Australia in the time around this video was shot, so it was clearly a hot topic for them both.

Now, I myself am part of that same emigration culture, despite only popping over the puddle for what could end up being just a year. I’ve got some things to say from having watched it though. Armed with what I learned in Analysing Media classes in my second year of undergrad, I’m going in. And I’m not holding back.

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