My lips are sealed

I promised myself this year I wouldn’t buy any lip products. It may be only April, but it’s a promise I’ve lived up to so far. I thought now would be a nice time to have a look at the various lip colours taking up residence in my handbag and make up bag. You may notice a pattern in the brands and colours I like to stick to. Each picture is left to right.

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Your lips keep moving

While procrastinating like my life depends on it, I like to read other blogs to keep up to speed with the rest of us. One such blog I read was that of Courtney from Courtney does Beauty, where she freely admitted her addiction to buying skincare products. She aimed to not buy any skincare products for a whole year. A very commendable feat, and easily doable when you see just how many different lotions and potions she already owns.

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Black Friday Bonanza

Somehow, the American shopping gala event has made its journey transatlantic.

Hope it took the Aoife plane. That’s pure gas.

image via Flickr

Look at her there off on her big trip.

Anyway. Even poor students such as I partook in the festivities  over the weekend and went to town on my poor bank account.

Don’t say that to my Mam. She says I’m only to spend on food this month coming. If she asks, it’s going really well.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t eaten since Wednesday.)

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Benefits of the gig

On the last day of June, my friend Anita and I headed to the Taylor Swift gig in the Point O2 Three Arena. As you can imagine, it was an incredible evening, and one I decided I would make a special effort for.

I needed to get my eyebrows reshaped on the day anyway, so I headed to the Benefit counter in Debenhams Henry St to get them sorted out. I also needed new foundation, so it was a “two birds with one stone” kind of visit.

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