July 15th: A popular day in books

Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary. They’ve been married 27 years, and neither of them has committed any serious crimes against the other. Believe me, it’s a big achievement.

While my parents celebrate, July 15th is also a pretty popular date for fiction. Maybe it’s because it’s almost right in the centre of the year (it’s the 196th day of the year, and there are 169 days until the New Year) but it’s come up in two books I’ve read so far.

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Essential Christmas Viewing #2

Years and years ago, when this blog was but a mere baby, I put together a list of my favourite Christmas films. Time for an update, don’t you think?

The Advent calendars have been well and truly ransacked, and almost we’ve started to move on to cracking open a selection box. Take a look at these festive flicks to sit by the fire in front of this year.

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A definitive ranking of You’re A Star songs

Hey, that book list went well, didn’t it?

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Kids, you were told, your mother is very busy now and she can’t spend ALL her time on you now. Who knows, there’s still half the month left and we might return to it later on.

*Disclaimer: we probably won’t because life.

However, today I bring you new toys- a definitive ranking of songs from RTÉ’s stellar talent show, You’re A Star. The filling of the Popstars-You’re A Star- The All Ireland Talent Show sandwich, it was the show that brought us such delights as a green guitar, a pair of siblings singing a love song to each other, and Linda Martin. Lest we forget.

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